French booksellers on La Maison des Épreuves

“The narrative of this work is completely original, it made me think of “books in which you yourself are the hero”, but where that hero has been led astray into a labyrinth of possible worlds, of stories from the mind of a malefic Borges… This book is absolutely an experience to be lived.”

— Aurélie Janssens, Page et Plume (Limoges)

“At once a manual for surviving in a hostile world, a role-playing game for twisted misanthropes, a eulogy for a lost time, and a search for redemption: a novel from beyond the pale that truly has everything required to become a cult book.”

— Pierre Barrault, Librairie La Belle Lurette (Paris)

“You finish this book the way you open your eyes at the end of an agitated sleep: a little dazed and troubled, with the certainty of having read a strange and poignant work that is just as inventive as it is destabilizing.”

— Philippe Guazzo, Le Comptoir des Mots (Paris)

“Poetic, staggering, transgressive, electrifying. A vibrant book that will not leave you unscathed.”

— Céline, Librairie Prado Paradis (Marseille)